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What is root canal?

Pulpitis, famously known as a toothache treatment procedure in dental care field, is actually a place in the tooth region which is the passage through which the nerves supply the nutrients to the tooth. These nutrients are responsible for keeping the tooth healthy and strong. What actually happens is that with time and careless attitude of a person, decay spreads up in the root canal area which eventually results into a toothache. A root canal treatment is carried out to remove the decay and after cleaning up and shaping the root canal area and  filling material called gutta-percha is filled in the canal.  The tooth is restored by filling the defected and crown placement.

In terms of the dentists, the root canal is called as an endodontic treatment which revitalizes dental care. The root canal area contains a pulp deep within, which is a soft tissue placed under the hard dentin and the outermost layer of the white enamel. This pulp actually contains the nerves, connective tissues, and the blood vessels. Therefore, this is the most important area for assuring the tooth’s health and strength. When the area gets affected, decay is stored in which bacteria are grown which causes a toothache (Roda, 2013). Recently, the root canal treatments in Abu Dhabi have become pain-free and have been simplified by technological advancements. The jobs of Dentists have become very easy and more effective as the human errors have been reduced and dentists’ efficiency has been increased a great deal.

Let us now have a look now at the importance of root canal treatment in comparison to other alternatives such as extracting the affected tooth. A root canal is a primary treatment for the dental care and protection the tooth which has been contaminated with decay and causes an unbearable toothache. The importance of root canal treatment is a lot as it keeps the natural truth intact and protects it from future infections and decay gathering. The advantages of keeping the natural tooth are many in number and they range from cosmetic benefits to medical reasons why one should prefer going through a root canal treatment rather than other dental care alternatives such as extraction of the tooth. First of all, the natural tooth gives you the natural look and smile which the artificial tooth or the cavity cannot offer. Secondly, after root canal treatment a patient can keep on chewing the things naturally and can exert same force. On the other hand, after getting the natural tooth removed, and an artificial tooth fixed in at the empty place, the strength and chewing ability do not remain the same. Despite being a little expensive treatment than the extraction, a root canal is still a lot cheaper than rest of the future dental care treatments which are needed after getting the artificial tooth fixed in (Wood, 2016).

A root canal is a preferable and the only best solution for dentists to treat the affected tooth in which decay gets stored in the root canal area of a tooth. As it not only causes pain but actually blocks the nerves and food supplies which keep the teeth healthy, it is very recommendable dental care procedure which dentists suggest should not be replaced by any short termed procedure used as an alternative procedure. The other procedures may seem cheaper but do not offer a long-term and permanent solution as root canal does. Just like the rest of the world, Abu Dhabi is also moving in the direction of making the region toothache-free and helping people to retain their original and natural teeth with the help of modern and pain-free dental care program carried out by certified dentists.

The dentists in Abu Dhabi are now equally competent and experienced as the rest of the world’s dentists serving humanity. Abu Dhabi now offers same quality and standard of dental care to the people who have any kind of dental problem or query and are seeking to meet a competent dentist. There is no need for them to go outside, the worlds’ best dental surgeons are now at the doorstep with the same vigilance and modern equipment one can find anywhere in the world. The modern techniques and ways to do a root canal are now being adapted and the state of the art technology and equipment now enable Abu Dhabi to compete with the rest of the world in the quality of the medical and dental facilities available to the people of Abu Dhabi and the surrounding and nearby states. Dentists might sound like a nightmare to people in the past due to the painful procedures of dental care, but now things have improved and dentists have been provided with modern anesthesia and other advancements due to which pain has got out of the question. The surgeries have also been simplified by the increasing ability and experience of dentists of Abu Dhabi, therefore there is no need to be afraid if your dentists have suggested you a root canal treatment. So, don’t be afraid of pain and get the gain from our HAAD and DHA certified dentists at Abu Dhabi by getting the appointment for dental procedures and get back to your pain-free life.


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