Thighs lifts

Thigh lift surgery clinical known as thighplasty is a procedure that reduces the fats and tightens the loose skin in the outer and inner thighs. Although, “thigh gaps” are very popular it is also performed for people who experience massive weight loss.

What a thigh lift can do?

Tight and shapely thighs
Removes creases in the thighs
Tightens the muscles to hide bulges
Youthful and proportional over all body figure without back breaking exercises

What a thigh lift won’t do?

Thigh lift is not intended to remove excess fats in the thighs. It is recommended to do the procedure in conjunction with Liposuction.
It won’t improve skin elasticity, the skin elasticity requirements must be met by the candidate. Other body contouring procedures may be recommended by the plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure to meet the patient’s goals.

Who can have a thigh lift?

The suitable candidates are:

People with very visible loose skin, fats,or bulges on the inner and outer thighs.
People who have consistent weight
People who have no medical or health conditions and can easily heal after any surgery.
Non-smokers (must at least quit for a minimum of two weeks before procedure)

People who have positive outlook in life and expectations.

Procedure Overview:
Duration: 2 hours
Anesthesia: General
Confinement: Next day discharge
Recovery time: 14 days
Visible Results: 6 months

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