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Six skin care tips and the right anti-aging techniques

How important is skin care not only to women but also with men? The skin is the largest organ of the body and actually covers our entire body. There is a purpose why it is covering our body and that is to protect our internal organs from infections. That is why it is important that we take care of our skin. Healthy skin also makes one look and feel young. This  mindset affects one’s entire well being ,thus, promoting good health.

Six skin care tips from the experts

Proper skin care  promotes healthy skin. Here are six basic skin care routine from the experts:

  1. Follow this skin care routine daily: cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer. Serum is a very good skin smoothener and makes the skin bouncy. Moisturizer seals and locks all these in your skin.
  2. In an arid and dry country like UAE it is a must to use sunscreen to protect our skin from the rays of the sun. UVA rays can penetrate through windows like inside cars. Fluorescent light bulbs emits low levels UVA light. Replace your moistuirzer in the morning and use SPF cream instead. Choose SPF creams  that has moisturizers to avoid drying up in the daytime. Use moisturizers at night.
  3. The hands shows the most obvious signs of aging. Always carry hand cream in your bag and to apply most especially after washing your hands.
  4. Don’t forget moisturizing and protecting your lips. Always carry lip balm with moisturizers with you to make it always smooth and supple.
  5. The eyes also shows visible aging. Use an eye serum and apply it like ironing out wrinkles from your clothes. Veritcal strokes and then horizontal. Under the eye, hold the skin taut and apply in zigzag strokes.
  6. Hydrate and retreat 8-8 rule of thumb. Drink at least 8 glasses of water and sleep at least 8 hours at night.

However, today free radicals are everywhere and the issues around our ozone layer, basic skin care is not evnough. It needs to be supplemented by science and technology.

Cosmetology is a professional practice of beautifying the skin, hair and the face. It is practiced either by a cosmetics doctor or a certified skin specialist.

Anti-aging techniques and procedures

Cosmetic dermatology services are offered in many hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Anti-aging procedures requires maintenance and regular visits to maximize the benefits of cosmetic dermatology. Find a dermatologist near you to make it easy for you to visit your cosmetics doctor regularly.

proper skin care tips and anti-aging

These are some anti-aging procedures that can supplement your skin care routines and can delay aging:


  1. Botox ™ and fillers – Botox ™ is an injectable drug that reduce fine wrinkles and lifts parts of the face such as the brows, eyes and even the neck. Fillers are also injectable drugs use to smoothen  the skin and remove visible scars. The fillers makes the eyes, nose, neck ,  chin and lips puffed up for a more youthful face.


  1. Thread lifting – is a non-surgical procedure that uses barbed sutures to lift the skin under the face and neck. Absolutely no stiches, heals faster and definetly costs less than plastic surgery.


  1. Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP – more famously known as the vampire face lift. Because the fictional creature is forever young and sexy. The procedure begins with drawing your own blood samples and extracting platelet –rich plasma from a laboratory. These platelets are then injected. PRP is extremely beneficial for  removing dark circles under the eye, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation,  acne scars, rejuvenates the skin and treats hair loss or thining.


  1. Mesotherapy – is a cosmetology procedure that injects tiny vitamins and minerals in the skin to remove wrinkles, repair sun-damage skin and rejuvenates skin.


  1. Microneedling – is a non-surgical procedure that distributes radio frequency (RF) incorporated through tiny needles to induce collagen production. Collagen makes the skin elastic and youthful.


  1. Chemical Peeling – is a procedure that uses chemical to peel the outer layer (can be deeper depends on the type of peeling) to unveil new skin. To know what are the safe and the best for you, please see our Peeling section of this website.


  1. Non-surgical face lifting and skin tightening – Ultheraphy® is the first procedure of its kind which is non-surgical face and neck lift. Visit our Ultheraphy® page for more information.

Time is gold now is the time

There is no right time to start anti-aging the earlier the better. Best to start in your twenties. This is due to the changing environment and our  use of technology (computers, laptops, mobile phones) makes us prone to early aging. Find a dermatologist near you today and include cosmetic dermatology in your anti-aging technique. But be sure that you select only the qualified cosmetic doctor and skin specialist.

Book and appointment with any of our HAAD, DHA and MOH certified cosmetics dermatologist and skin specialists today.


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