Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery is a procedure that can make scars almost invisible by smoothening the scar. Scars that were caused by wounds that healed, injury or a recent  surgical procedure.

What scar revision can do?

  • Make the scar invisible
  • Move the location of the scar by raising or lowering the scar to a more hidden area of the face or body
  • Boost one’s self confidence and esteem

What scar revision can’t do?

  • Erase the scar. Scars can never be erased.

Who can have scar revision surgery?

  • People who feel less confident with a visible scar because they are bothered with their appearance
  • People who are physically fit
  • Non-smokers (must at least quit for a minimum of two weeks before procedure)
  • People who have positive outlook in life and expectations

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