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Newly used stem Cytokines in skincare could change anti-ageing approach

Dubai, UAE, 15 of December 2017 –New anti-ageing skincare products have been recently released and are now available in the UAE – have proven to be highly efficient in reversing ageing and inflammation signs. Scientists around the world had been experimenting with stem cell research for years – in the scope of anti-ageing and others – and had undergone several years of trial and error before finally discovering stem Cytokines, the main ingredient in new skincare products labeled as ‘revolutionary’ by scientists.

What is so different about these products? They contain a chemical combination that works as a team to turn back the hands of time. Mensenchymal Stem Cells (MS’c) have been labeled the ‘911’ cells for their ability to migrate from their home (bone marrow and perivacular spaces) to broken tissue where they organize the healing and regeneration process through other cells. However, the secret behind this structure is a group of chemicals called Cytokines. They have the incredible ability to mediate between MS’c and other cells in the body. Through Cytokines, MS’c can literally communicate with other cells telling them how to heal tissue. While the depth of the Cytokines language (or lingua Cytokinum) is still being explored, we now have grasped the mechanism of tissue healing.

“Cytokines are bio signals. Our body talks with bio signals, cells tell other cells what to do – life is impossible without. We went ahead and did our research to find out which cells are important for that and created an anti-ageing product using deep science and stem cell technology, with no cells in the product, only the bio signals and added all other factors science has proved efficient – as the market is full of smoking mirrors.” Dr George Taylor, creator of AnteAge MD skincare

Throughout the years, human beings lose MS’c  at a drastic rate, and with less rescuer cells, our skin (and all other tissue) degenerates, the skin wrinkles, sags and develops brown spots.  Pollution and over exposure to sunlight add to the damage, and while ageing is a natural part of life and can practically not be stopped, it is possible to age gracefully, keeping a healthier, younger looking skin. Several skin care products only focus on certain aspects of anti-ageing like the lack of moisture – but repairing damaged cells is an intricate mechanism that can only stem cell scientists can possibly replicate.