Cosmelan Peel

What is Cosmelan Peel?

Cosmelan peel is actually chemical peeling but in two steps and it must be performed only by a licensed Dermatologist or a certified skin care specialist. First, a chemical peel similar to Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) but is specifically formulated for the patient’s skin pigmentation causing dark circles in the face . Next, the patient is discharged and at home once the chemical is worn out after approximately eight hours, the patient must wash off the mask and apply special cream on the face daily until the new skin is completely healed. This is to ensure the regrowth of new is protected from infection.

Who are the best candidate for Cosmelan?

                        • People who suffer from hyperpigmentation
                        • People who suffer from melasma
                        • People who suffer from any skin problems that causes dark circles to appear on their face
                        • People who have tried many store bought creams that contains hydroquinone or tretinoin to no avail or has suffered from these chemicals

What are the chemicals used in Cosmelan?

Cosmelan peeling mask contains the following ingredients:

                        • Azelaic acids that kills bacteria on the surface of the skin and boosts production of new skin cells.
                        • Kojic acid that is a natural bi-product of different types of fungi, wherein; it prevents the skin from producing melanin that darkens the skin. Kojic acid is a popular skin-lightening agent.

How is the procedure done?

The skin is thoroughly cleaned to remove dead skin cells and oils. The Cosmelan mask containing the ingredients is placed onto the patient’s face. The patient will be discharged home and must wait for approximately 8 hours before removing the Cosmelan peel mask from the face. The patient then washes off excess ingredients and the special cream is applied every day until the new skin heals. Several sessions may be required depending upon the patient’s case which has to be initially discussed with the Dermatologist.

What are the side effects and downtime?

Cosmelan peeling is relatively safer than chemical peeling with AHA and store bought creams and formulas. The side effects varies per case, which why an initial evaluation must be done by Dermatologist before going for the procedure.  Patient may experience slight redness and tightening of the skin in the first few treatment sessions. The Dermatologist can help manage these side effects with the patient.


Dermamelan peeling procedure for the face is similar to Cosmelan two-step procedure but with two masks. However, the applying of the special cream will be the next day after the mask was washed off from the face and will depend on the patient’s skin type. It contains depigmentation agents used to resolve patients conditions such as melasma, chloasma, lentigo and post – inflammatory hyper pigmentation. This procedure is often is called “luminosity” treatment as it is very potent whitening treatment.

Who are the best candidates for Dermamelan?

                        • People who suffer from hyper pigmentation
                        • People who acne and acne scars
                        • People who have both hyper pigmentation and acne
                        • People with blemishes caused by melasma
                        • People with blemishes cause by chloasma
                        • People with blemishes caused by lentigo

What are the chemicals used in Dermamelan?

Dermamelan peeling mask contains the following ingredients:

                        • Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C that promotes wound healing and maintains elasticity of the skin.
                        • Phytic Acid that helps in driving out toxic metals out of the body.
                        • Kojic Acid that is a natural bi-product of different types of fungi wherein it prevents the skin from producing melanin that darkens the skin. Kojic acid is a popular skin-lightening agent.
                        • Retinyl Palmitate is an extract from Vitamin A belongs to the family of retinoids known to be able to penetrate the lower layers of the skin where the collagen and elastin are found. This ingredient then works on repairing this layer of skin and inhibits production of collagen.
                        • Titanium dioxide is the main ingredients in sunscreens thus, helps prevents sunburn and wrinkles. Also, known to prevent skin cancer.
                        • Arbutine or Alpha Arbutine is a naturally extracted from bearberry leaves recently discovered to prevent inhibition of melanin that darkens the skin. When applied it will even out the skin tone by eliminating dark spots.

How is the procedure done?

First, the face is cleaned to remove dead skin cells and other impurities. The doctor or certified skin care specialist then places the Dermamelan mask on the patient’s face. The mask stays depending upon the patient’s skin type and color. Eight hours for the light skinned and ten up to twelve hours for the medium and darker skinned tones. The patient then needs to wash off the mask with prescribed products in the comforts of the patient’s home. Another day must pass before the special Dermamelan cream is applied. A second treatment session will be scheduled wherein depending upon the results of the first treatment and the patient’s goal, will determine the timeframe that the mask will be in place.  Patient will be prescribed with maintenance creams. There is a rule for applying the cream that is called 3 – 2 – 1 , thrice daily for the first month, twice a day for the next two months and once a day for one year or as prescribed by doctor.

What are the side effects and downtime?

Skin peeling a week after the treatment session is natural. Redness and skin tightening about three days after treatment that could last for approximately one week. Downtime is 8 – 12 hours while the mask is on the face.

Vi Peel ™

Vi Peel ™ is part of the Vitality Institute  skin care system. It is a kit that only a licensed Physician who is also a Vi Peel ™ skin care practitioner. Vi Peel ™ is more advanced and have made others peeling procedures obsolete. It is known to have eliminated the “no pain, no gain” ways of any peeling procedure. It uses powerful medical grade chemical ingredients but is still gentle to the skin. This is because the inventor, the late, great Dr. Abdala Kalil formulated it intended for his 15-year old daughter who had serious acne breakouts. The kit is not available except in an office of a licenced Physician. Vi Peel ™ is formulated to solve two skin related issues. One is acne breakouts and second is decreasing early sings of aging. Vi Peel ™ complements other non – surgical anti-aging procedures such as filler injections.

Who are the best candidate for Vi Peel ™?

                        • Adults and teenagers with light to moderate acne issues
                        • People who have early signs of aging
                        • People with not so dark skin tones as Vi Peel ™ components can cause hyperpigmentation to people with dark skin tones. Consult a Physician before undergoing the treatment.
                        • People with dark circles under the skin as Vi Peel ™ solution is gentle on the eye area

What are the chemicals used in Vi Peel ™?

                        • TCA or Trichloroacetic Acid – is a medium strength chemical that can penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin heal acne scars, remove pre-cancerous lesions and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also stimulates collagen growth that makes the skin tight and smooth.
                        • Phenol – has antiseptic and anesthetic properties that aids in skin disinfecting and penetration.
                        • Vitamin C or ascorbic acid – that promotes wound healing and maintains elasticity of the skin plus antioxidant and mild exfoliation properties.
                        • Retin-A – is an extract from vitamin A known to reduce wrinkles.
                        • Salicylic Acid – that relieves redness and inflammation in the skin. And contains beta hydroxy acid (BHA) which is an exfoliant

Vi Peel at CMC

How is the procedure done?

As mentioned, a Vi Peel ™ procedure can only be performed by a licensed Physician. First, the skin is thoroughly cleansed with a solution that comes with the Vi Peel ™ kit. There are two application phases in the entire treatment. The first phase is applying a solution that will penetrate the cells in the skin’s surface. Next is a solution that have the ability go deeper into the skin dermis where dead skin cells and toxins are residing. The procedure is painless but for some people they may feel mild to moderate tingling or burning sensation. A topical anesthesia can be applied and cooling device can be used to minimize the burning sensation. The treatment only lasts for 20 – 45 minutes.

What are the side effects and downtime?

The Vi Peel ™ kit solutions dries quickly and patient may resume normal activities after the session. However, the solution must stay on the face for the next 5 hours before the solution can be washed off. Patient will not notice anything different until after 2-3 days where the skin begins to peel off and a reddish to brownish color of the skin similar to a sunburn after effect.

Milk Peel

Milk peel is the gentlest peeling procedure and is absolutely painless. The solution is composed of three acid components, glycolic, lactic and salicylic. The most widely used brand for milk peel treatment is Dermaceutic™  milk peel treatment. It is not only painless but also has absolutely no downtime and immediate visible results. That is why it is a.k.a. the “lunchtime peel” as the procedure takes maximum half an hour including consultation.

Who are the best candidate for Milk Peel?

                      • Anyone who has “tired” skin
                      • People with sun – damaged skin
                      • People with fine line wrinkles around the mouth and under the eyes and with age spots on the face
                      • People with open and enlarged pores
                      • Dry and dull skin

How is the procedure done?

The face is cleansed thoroughly before a solution usually Dermaceutic ™. Beginning in the forehead slowly going down all the way down to the neck. The procedure is 100% painless however, patient may feel a tingling sensation 20 seconds after the solution was massaged. Other than that, the treatment itself is non – invasive. The massage is continued until a timer was set to stop massaging and the peel is removed. The specialist then applies repair cream to prevent redness on the skin from developing. Prescribed creams including SPF40 sunscreen is advised to use as the patient must not be exposed to sunlight. The results are immediate the patient’s complexion is radiant, rejuvenated and younger looking.

What are the side effects and downtime?

Famous as “lunchtime peel” not only does the treatment takes 15 –  30 minutes patient can resume daily activities right after the session. Slightly stingy but tolerable.

TCA Peel

TCA or trichloracetic acid is a peeling procedure that has been tried and tested for over 20 years. It is non – toxic chemical, which is related to vinegar (acetic acid). These chemical compound dries up the superficial layer of the skin that was damaged and peels off. TCA is a peeling procedure for face and body.

Who are the best candidate for TCA Peel?

                      • People who do not have a budget for lasers cosmetic procedures
                      • People with sun damaged skin, uneven skin tone and abnormal skin pigmentation
                      • People with vertical fine line wrinkles around the lips causing lipstick bleed
                      • People with “crow’s feet” around the eyes
                      • People with superficial scars due to injuries in the past
                      • People with wrinkles on the upper eyelids
                      • People with excessive chicken pox or acne scars
                      • People with excessive brown spots

How is the procedure done?

The procedure takes 15 – 30 minutes beginning with cleansing the entire area for treatment and ensuring there are no oils present in the skin. The TCA chemical is applied by the specialist. The length of time the chemical is place depends upon the depth of the peeling, which is determined during pre-consultation with the Dermatologist.  The Physician then applies a neutralizing solution. There is a slight stingy feeling but ice can be applied or a topical anesthesia depending upon the peeling depth required.

What are the side effects and downtime?

After the procedure, the patient will be asked to recovery a few days for the redness and swelling caused by the chemical peeling effect. The skin will tighten and crack naturally for about 4 -7 days and a smoother, more radiant and youthful looking new skin layer will appear. Avoiding sunlight will be advised and application of sunscreen after the treatment.

PCA ™ Peel

PCA ™peel is a chemical peeling using professional PCA Skin products intended to correct common skin issues such as enlarged pores, melasma, aging, sun damaged, oily skin, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Who are the best candidate for PCA™ Peel?

                      • People who wants to improve their skin complexion but have no other skin condition such as cystic acne
                      • Women who are not breastfeeding
                      • Women who are not pregnant

PCA Skin Line at CMC

How is the procedure done?

A pre skin analysis will be performed by the Dermatologist before the treatment. The Physician will evaluate any cases of acne, wrinkles, sun damage or rosacea. The process itself will take a maximum of half an hour. During the procedure patient may feel tingling sensation, which is normal preceded, by stinging feeling but minimal. These pain and discomfort can be managed with PCA ™ post peel kit.

What are the side effects and downtime?

It is advisable not to swim or go work out two days after the procedure. Side effects are minimal with the proper care advised by the Physician and a PCA ™ post peel kit.
At CMC Peeling department, there are many types of peelings for face and body. To know which is best and to know more about body peelings book an appointment today.