Department of Dentistry and Orthodontics in Abu Dhabi and Dubai UAE




  • Traditional braces (metal)
  • Ceramic braces
  • Clear braces(ICE braces)
  • Lingual braces
  • Invisalign/ Eon Aligner/ Inman Aligner
  • Children braces
  • Preventive Orthodontics
  • Damon system


Ceramic braces are created by mixing a couple of inorganic materials together to create a new material. This permanent type of braces is applied by affixing them to each individual tooth. An arch wire then spans the length of the upper and lower set of teeth. The wire is then tied to the ceramic braces by rubber bands, which are also called ligatures. Ceramic braces are one of the most widely used braces type.
Traditional metal braces are increasingly being replaced by ceramic braces. They function the same as metal braces but offer a less conspicuous look since the ceramic material is created in a variety of colors to better match your tooth color. They are also quite tough as the ceramic has the strength of concrete. Applying ceramic braces is very labor intensive. This is done in the Orthodontist office.


Lingual braces are invisible in that they are placed on the inside of the teeth rather than the outside. It’s a novel idea if you think about it. Instead of making the color of the braces the same as the teeth like ceramic braces do, Lingual braces try to hide themselves altogether by residing on the inside of your teeth.

It takes a highly skilled Orthodontist to install this type of braces. Metal brackets are used and the same techniques are applied just on the opposite side. In reality, the Lingual type of braces has more downsides than ups.


Invisalign Braces are one of the latest the market that is not your usual type of brace. They are not permanent but plastics and is worn.For simple crooked tooth this is the type of braces are needed.It simply works this way, the Orthodontist takes measurements of the teeth and the laboratory makes plastic trays. The patient is asked to wear this plastics for a certain period of time depends on how crooked the teeth are. After this period, the patient will go and see the Orthodontist again to repeat the same procedure. In a period of time that this process is regularly done, the patient’s teeth will move in the right position.


CMC is one of the few centers that offers the highest quality in braces. ICE braces are patented sapphire materials that looks like crystal or transparent. These braces are invisible. Invisible and does not stains with color all throughout the treatment.

We’re proud to offer Inspire ICE, the highest quality aesthetic braces on the market. Their patented sapphire material makes inspire ICE the only crystal- clear braces available. They’re not only discreet; they’re virtually, invisible.

Some aesthetic braces are white or colored to match a particular tooth color. But since we all have different tooth shades, these braces frequently stand out. Inspire ICE crystal-clear braces are the most discreet labial braces available, regardless of tooth color. Plus, they will not stain or discolor over time, so you will look great throughout your treatment.