Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Our OB/Gyne department is handled by European Board certified Obstetrics and Gynecology with years of experience in women’s health care, pre to post pregnancy and child birthing.

Our services:

    • Pre-pregnancy assessment and advice.
    • Antenatal care to evaluate normal pregnancy as well as high risk pregnancy.
    • Evaluation of fetal well-being by ultrasound, cardiotocography and fetal heart monitoring
    • Infertility, investigations and treatment
    • Contraception, IUD insertion and hormone replacement therapy
    • ultrasonography (abdomino pelvic and vaginal)
    • Breast examination and early detection of breast disease.
    • Pap smear , Colposcopy and cervical pathology treatment
    • Vaccination to prevent virus that cause cervical cancer
    • Treatment of all types of abortion, surgical and medical
    • Normal vaginal delivery
    • Caesarean section
    • Cervical cerclage
    • Vesicular mole evacuation.
    • Surgical and medical treatment of postpartum hemorrhage
    • Surgical and medical treatment at dysfunctional uterine bleeding
    • Hysterectomy
    • Early detection of cancer cervix, cancer ovary and cancer breast
    • Treatment of gynecological cases, surgical and medical
    • Couple counselling
    • Assessment, investigation and treatment of menstrual, and hormonal abnormalities

Pre-pregnancy advice is important for women planning to get pregnant to optimize conditions necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Some diseases like diabetes may be discovered for the first time when the test for it is done before pregnancy (Glucose screening during pregnancy a.k.a. “sugar raise”). Blood sugar control before pregnancy decreases the possibilities of miscarriages and or fetal malformations. CMC assessment also involves general health recommendations such as cessation of smoking and weight monitoring. It also involves folic acid supplementation at least one month before pregnancy.