sports physiotherapy dubai

Sanna Souissi


– She is graduate of the University of Sciences and Technology of the Health in Tunisia : Diploma physiotherapy  On 2009

– 5 years experiences on Physiotherapy.


– Manual Therapy Treatment.

– Circulatory Massage : for all lymph’s diseases .

– Trigger Point Massage : for Myofascial pain .

– Treat all orthopedics problems: swelling, pain, and joint stiffness in knees, feet, hips, hands, and spine.

– Develop a full rehabilitation program – exercise programs involving strengthening, stretching, hydrotherapy, breathing and relaxation .

– Evaluate surgeries of players and assisted them in their recovery healing therapies.

– Plan and put Programs of Physiotherapy into practice counting therapeutic exercise, manipulations, massage.

– Working with respiratory, acute neurological and multi-pathology patients.