Elke Hillrichs


Elke graduated from Wilhelmshaven College in Germany as a medical

Physiotherapist with specialization in orthopedic rehabilitation, and worked

In numerous German and UAE hospitals. Her main roles include the treatment

Of patient after hip, knee and shoulder replacement and post-operative care

After ligament injuries, corrective osteotomies, osteosynthesis and poly-trauma

As well as musculo-skeletal disorders. Elke training includes:

  1. Manual therapy DGMM, Hamm-Germany.
  2. Medical training therapy, fobize, Bremen-Germany.
  3. Manual lymphatic drainage, Oldenburg-Germany.
  4. Medical taping, Abudhabi.
  5. MANUAL trigger point therapy, CMTPT,Myopain seminars, USA

And other diverse mobilization techniques such as neurodynamics,

Functional movement by Kleinvogelbach, and muscled stretching by janda.

Elke main focus is the treatment of myofascial pain, trigger point treatment of

Muscular dysfunction, lymphatic drainage with its complex physical therapy,

And indecation for MLD such as:

  1. Primary of secondary lymphedema, pre and post-surgery , lipolymphedem


Rheumatic condition (Morbus becherew, polyarthritis….), acute disc prolapse,

Injury recovery after strains / sprains.

Surgeries involving the removal of major lymph nodes (post mastectomy)

Elke private interests include travelling, cycling, tennis and golf.