Department of Home Care

Our team offers quality caring, companionship and assistance to individuals within the comforts and the privacy of their own home. All our clients are treated individually with their own personalities, interests and medical requirements. We deliver person-centered and individualized program to meet the specific needs of our clients and their family who is caring for them. We are dedicated in working with our customers and their families.

Our team of registered nursing professionals comes with not only extensive experience but also kindness and compassion required to offer the highest quality of home care nursing.
The patient program specifies the frequency of care required which could range from schedules of intermittent visit, weekly visits and daily visit to 24/7 continuous care.

CMC Home Care Services includes:

Physician Services:

• Consultations, evaluation, assessment and plan of care
• Educating and counselling of care management needed

Nursing Care Services:

• Management and evaluation of care plan,
• Care and management of patients with diagnoses of diabetes,
• Nasogastric tube care and maintenance,
• Gastrostomy tube feeding management,
• Palliative care ( plain management),
• Observation and assessment of patient’s condition,
• Vital sign assessment,
• Nasopharyngeal and Tracheostomy care and management

Support Medical Services:

• Physical Therapy
• Clinical Pharmacist for complex medical management and consultation

Psychological Services:

• Evaluation and assessment
• Supportive care

Other services we offer include:

• Wound care management/dressing,
• Post-Operative Care and Rehabilitation,
• Catheter Care,
• Stoma Care,
• Bathing,
• Home IV Therapy Infusion (Drip),
• Injections,
• Mother and Child Services,
• Patient Transportation,
• Laboratory Services,
• Arthritis management,
• Correct abnormal walking patterns,
• Post orthopedic management,
• Back and neck care

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