Hand surgery

Hand surgery is  mainly reconstructive rather than aesthetic. Hand surgery can restore hand functionalities damaged by infections, injuries  and congenital abnormalities.

What hand surgery can do?

  • Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is an injury that damaged the nerve on the wrists due excessive pressure. This are frequently caused by using a computer keyboard or computer mouse.
  • Restore fingers that are damaged or deformed by rheumatoid arthritis or other sports or physical accidents.
  • Correct Dupuytren’s contracture a genetic disorder where the finger curves due to some excessive tissue layering in the palm and fingers.

Who can have a hand surgery?

The best candidates are:

  • People who used splinting and bracing but has not corrected the issue
  • People who take OTC anti-inflammatory medicines  but are ineffective
  • People taking doctor prescribed painkillers but has no longer effect.
  • When carpal tunnel syndrome is slowing the person’s job functions and changing hand positions would not lessen the pain or discomfort would not go away.
  • If the person is already using corticoid injections for temporary relief.
  • People who have no medical or health conditions and can easily heal after any surgery.
  • Non-smokers (must at least quit for a minimum of two weeks before procedure)
  • People who have positive outlook in life and expectations.

Procedure Overview:

Duration: 30 minutes to 1  hour depending on the type of hands surgery
Anesthesia:  Local or light sedative
Confinement: Same day discharge but Next day discharge may be recommended
Recovery time: 6 weeks
Visible Results: 1 to 6  months

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