Department of Family Medicine

Canadian Medical Center provides immediate diagnosis of any unknown illnesses that falls to any of your family member. Our general practitioner can check, evaluate and provide accurate diagnosis of the patient’s complaint. If the final diagnosis cannot be treated by a general practitioner, or the diagnosis to be able to be completed requires further check up with a specialist, then our family doctors can refer the patient to a specialist that can treat the suspected illness.

Some of CMC Family Medicine services:

  • Lab services
  • Annual health evaluations
  • Vaccinations and general intravenous medicine injections
  • Palliative care
  • Acute care of short term illnesses
  • Physical exams for school and sports
  • Ongoing care for chronic illnesses
  • Treatment of minor injuries such lacerations, wounds etc.
  • Vital signs
  • Health screening and other medical routine such high blood pressure check-ups, breast and pelvic examinations, new born and well child care, obstetrics prenatal, delivery and postpartum care