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What is telemedicine?

Teleconsultation and tele prescription services are now available at Canadian Medical Center Delma Branch, Abu Dhabi. They offer an alternative for patients who want to attend a consultation from the comfort of their own home.

CMC teleconsultations allow patients who do not need to be physically present at our facilities to schedule a consultation with their physicians remotely and continue their treatment without interruption.

This service is available in the following specialties:

– General Practitioner Clinic – Dr. Asma Ali

Scope of services

• Triage (prioritization and categorization of patients based on medical and administrative needs, such as illness/injury, severity/complexity, prognosis and availability of resources, and referral to specialized facilities, as appropriate)

• Patient Consultation and assessments

• Video sighting of body symptoms if applicable 

• Ordering of test and investigations if applicable 

• Patient and Family Education

• Liasoning with multi-disciplinary team if required

• Appropriate referrals for tele-consultation patients 

• Recommendation for selfcare for appropriate patients


Note: This service does not apply to emergencies or urgent care.

Booking through Website

Once you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email and a text message. Both messages will contain a link that will take you to your appointment and the payment portal. After payment, you can begin your consultation at the scheduled time.

How long will the consultation take?

The consultation will take approximately 20 minutes.

Telehealth consent form

Before you have your first teleconsultation with a physician through the telemedicine platform, you must complete the Telemedicine Patient Consent Form. If you booked your teleconsultation through our call center or by phone, after logging in and accessing your appointment before clicking “Start Consultation,” you will find a “Teleconsultation Consent Disclaimer” box that you must check if you accept the terms in the consent link next to the box or up here. Click here

Patient Feedback

Canadian Medical Center values patient feedback and has implemented a process whereby each telemedicine patient receives a feedback form after the consultation via SMS. The results and any specific comments are reviewed periodically using system-generated reports and any issues are addressed. The survey is specifically related to telemedicine and is intended to help us improve this particular service. Therefore, we ask that you take a few minutes to fill out the telemedicine feedback form after the consultation. Click here.

How can I submit a complaint?

A complaint form is also displayed on the website for patients to voice their concerns.

The patient can submit the complaint in the following ways;

  1. By filling out the complaint form in the website.
  2. By email to [email protected]
  3. By phone – 800262

The complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours and the client will be contacted by the quality department within 48 hours.

The complainant will receive feedback on the investigation within 14 days. If the complainant is satisfied, the complaint is closed.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the feedback, he/she can contact the following office: – Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Customer Care Team, [email protected] , toll-free telephone number: 800 555, P.O. Box No.: 5674, Abu Dhabi

Opening hours:

10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday to Friday