Ear Corrective Surgery-otoplasty

Ear Corrective Surgery or Otoplasty

What is ear corrective surgery or Otoplasty?

Clinically known as, Otoplasty, ear corrective surgery improves the shape, position and proportionality of the ear to the face.

It can also correct ear defects caused by birth that causes development and hearing problems. Otoplasty in general, can correct shape that may cause hearing defects and deformities due to injury.  It can address both issues with functionality and loss of self-esteem due to imbalance appearance, dis-figuration and  disproportionate against the face.

What ear surgery can do?

  • Can correct macrotia or oversized ears
  • Can correct imbalanced ear sizes when either ears are larger than the other that affects hearing functionality
  • Can satisfy vanity of anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of their ears
  • Correct prior surgery malpractice either related to Otoplasty or not


Who can have Otoplasty?

The best candidates are:

In children:

  • Who have no major illnesses and chronic ear infections
  • Five (5) years old and above with a completely grown ear cartilage
  • Who can obey instructions and cooperative during the entire procedure
  • Who can verbally express their feelings

In young adults and adults:

  • Who have no major illnesses and chronic ear infections
  • Healthy people who do not have complications of healing easily. (Diabetic patients for example have issues with healing easily)
  • Non-smokers
  • People who have positive outlook in life and expectations

Otoplasty is a procedure intended more for hearing functionality than vanity. Yet the results are visible immediately for disfigured ears. The scars are not visible as it can be behind or on the creases of the ears.

Procedure Overview:
Duration: 1 hour
Anesthesia: General
Confinement:  Same day discharge
Recovery time:  14 – 21 days
Visible Resuts:  6 – 9 months

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