Dr Miodrag

Dr. Miodrag

Specialist orthopedic surgery


Doctor of Medicine ,M.D.

Faculty of Medicine,University of Belgrade,Belgrade, Serbia.

Expertise is in: 

·   Conservative and surgical treatment of all Orthopedic Spinal Conditions in adults in children, Minimalli Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS)

·    Conservative and surgical treatment of general orthopedic conditions in adults and children

·    Conservative and surgical treatment of Orthopedica Trauma (including Spine),Osteoarthritis (Joint Replacement), Sports Injuries (Arthroscopy of the Knee)

·     Treatment of Osteoporosis, painful syndromes (Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint pain ,etc.)

·     Treatment of Diabetic oot and Complicated Wounds

·     Orthopedic Hand Surgery (excluding microsurgery)

·     Antiaging Orthopedics including Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) applications and Steam Cell applications


Language: English