Department of Dermatology

Consult our experts dermatologists from all over the world. Our Dermatologists are board certified from all over Europe, USA and the Middle East.

We bring them all here in the UAE to ensure that our patients get nice skin care in this extremely weathered country. Canadian Medical Center dermatology department Physicians are not only board certified but also experienced in the field for at least 20 years.

Our expert dermatologists providing following services:

  • Skin diseases and skin cancer assessment
  • Acne and post Acne Marks Treatment
  • Local Injection with Dermojet
  • Benign new-growth removal(skin tags, keratomas, warts and others)
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrosurgery
  • Dermatological surgery
لدكتوره ساره

Dr. Sarah Ibrahim

Specialist Dermatologist

Dr. Nahed Al Kassem

Specialist Dermatologist

Dr. Paula Maria Nelson

Specialist Dermatologist