Department of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapyis a branch of medicine where instead of using drugs or surgery to treat a certain illness are treated with the use of manual massage, heat and or exercise.

CMC is has a team of professional Physiotherapists from all over the world armed with the various learning and skills to fit the patient’s needs for physiotherapy treatment.

CMC offers the following Physiotherapy Treatments:

  • Mc Kenzie therapy – is a physical therapy method of exercise that addresses illnesses and pains of the extremities (arms and legs), the back, the shoulders, the knees and ankles. It is a holistic treatment for the entire body. It is also known to treat illnesses such as arthritis, muscle spasms, issues related to sciatica, numbness of the extremities, sacroiliac joint pains. All these illnesses are treatment absolutely with no drugs or expensive digitalimaging (x-rays and MRI’s). This method is intended to induce the body of its natural healing process without depending on drugs, needles or surgery.
  • Trigger point therapy – is a type of massage that relieves the pain of trigger points. Trigger point is known as the area where pain is present. For example, some issues on the neck causes pain in the head. Thus, the neck is massaged to relieve the pain in the head. The process is releasing the constricted muscles in the trigger area to relieve pain.
  • Shiatsu Technique – is a method that originated from Japan. Shiatsu literally means finger pressure in English. It involves the process of applying pressure with the use of fingers, kneading, tapping, stretching and soothing. These is in the absence of oils and the patient is advised to wear comfortable clothing. The shiatsu therapy is also intended to invoke the body of its own natural healing process.
  • Manual lympathique drainage – is a therapy that uses gentle strokes in the lymph node area (neck and jaw area) to resolve an illness called Lymphedema which occurs mostly with cancer patients most especially breast cancer patients that has gone through mastectomy. Primarily because after mastectomy the functions and even the presence of lymph nodes is gone. The lymph node vessels must have a constant flow of its fluids to carry away waste products away from the tissues and back towards the heart. The strokes involves a working and resting phase. The working phase is intended to move the flow of lymph fluids to the right direction that reduces
  • the swelling of lymph nodes.
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Priformis syndrome
  • Quadrates lemborum syndrome
  • Migraine and headaches
  • Shoulder Problems