The Canadian medical department of corporate wellness exclusively creative ways designed to nurture wellness in workers, reduce health risks, reduce pressure of stress at the workplace, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, benefit their organization’s bottom line and to add value to the lives of employees regardless of the work environment. We are committed to helping organizations, however big or small. Such an approach can help the working individual cope with challenges and prevent the ravages of lifestyle related illnesses that result in lost man-hours. Corporate Wellness programs could be found in factories, corporate offices, large corporations, and small corporations alike. .
Corporate Wellness is among the most vital investments that a company can make. Businesses that start Corporate Wellness programs aren’t only investing in the physical wellness, safety, and mental health of their employees, but are also taking preventive measures by creating a healthier environment.

corporate welness

corporate welness


The idea for these Corporate Wellness programs stemmed from several different experiences, decades ago. An organization’s people are undoubtedly its greatest asset and so companies who invest in the health, fitness and wellbeing of their team are looking for a positive return on their investment:

  • Reduced absenteeism and disability time
  • Improved productivity and morale
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Reduce claims cost
  • Employer of choice
  • Work space a more inviting and relaxing environment
  • Decreased rates of illness and injuries
  • Improved employee relations and morale
  • Less work-life complications
  • Reduced cost of healthcare

Corporate Wellness programs have evolved from offering exercise equipment on site for staff members to utilize, to offering heart healthy choices in the cafeteria, to even having available, a real individuals to talk with about healthcare needs.

None of these things are a substitute for routine medical checkups, but Corporate Wellness programs are designed to make medical treatment and medication for employees less needed.

How we do

Our team acts as the central coordinator for all aspects of each screening event.  We come to your location to execute the screenings, we coordinate staffing and supplies.

Assessments are designed to educate employees on the numbers that dictate their state of health and wellbeing, make them aware of their body composition and the resulting effects of exercise and nutrition.


  • Body Composition Assessments for each member of your team
  • One hour presentation
  • Website support with various features to analyze, record and monitor your results and progress
  • Ongoing discounts and promotions from our sponsors and partners
  • Advice and guidance from the experts
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Endurance Test
  • In house education
  • The ability to add to and change the focus of an ongoing program
  • Life coaching
  • Personal training
  • Sport massage
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Posture and ergonomics corrections

Process and Procedures

When we work with you to roll out a corporate wellness programme, we:

  • Work closely with your HR team to identify your needs
  • Provide SMART actions plans for staff
  • Provide continual assessments, both online and face to face
  • Set your wellness goals
  • Provide online support via monitoring, motivation and follow-ups
  • Provide key solutions through our comprehensive network of partners
  • Become your wellness arm!

Corporate Wellness Benefits: Resulting in Happier and Healthier Employees