Dentistry in Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE

CMC Dental staffs have the skills and techniques to render the dental services in professional manners as per HAAD, DHA and MOH rules and regulations.

  • Examination/consultation
  • Emergency Treatment
  • X-Ray’s
  • Scaling & Polishing
  • Surgery-Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Periodontics-Gum Treatment
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Cosmetic and Composite fillings
  • Veneers
  • Endodontics
  • Pedodontic
  • Prosthodontics
  • Crown and Bridge
  • Implants
  • Teeth whitening


Dental cleaning, scaling and polishing loosen the teeth, create gaps, and make them sensitive. Scaling and polishing or Dental cleaning is most commonly advised dental procedure advised by a dentist at an interval of 6-8 months. This process removes the hard deposits of tartar and calculus, which normal brushing and flossing cannot remove. It only makes your teeth better, cleaner and stronger. (Gaps may be a reason of removal of tartar between the teeth, which was naturally present but covered with the tartar) Timeframe: Approx. 1-2 visits per year

Scaling and polishing at CMC uses ultrasonic modern equipment and it is a painless procedure thus, local anesthesia is not required.


In the past, if you had a tooth with a diseased nerve, it would usually have to be pulled out. However, with the development of the root canal procedure all or part of that tooth can now be saved.

Inside each tooth is a pulp, which runs like a thread down through the tooth, providing the nutrients and nerves the tooth needs to stay healthy. When this pulp is diseased or injured, it dies. Moreover, if you do not remove it, the tooth can be infected and eventually it, too, will die. So once the problem is identified, a root canal procedure is required to save the tooth from dying. The procedure involves removing the pulp, and then cleaning out and sealing the canal to protect the remaining tooth material. Following this, either your dentist will put a filling in the space, or if too much of the tooth is gone, a crown will be needed.

At CMC, a root canal is a relatively simple, routine procedure with little or no patient discomfort, and only one to three visits are usually required. Root canal is required when the tooth decays badly or gets infected (to save the tooth).

Simple procedure by CMC:

  • Consultation for Root Canal Treatment
  • Removal of infection from the tooth
  • Filling material into clean root canal
  • Sealing with bio compatible material
  • Capping the tooth to prevent fracture
  • Why go to CMC for root canal?
  • Imported filling and materials and state of art equipment
  • Usually done in a single sitting
  • Speaking is easier than wearing a denturere or less painless


If you are conscious of smiling just because you have stained yellow teeth, then teeth whitening is the solution. Teeth Whitening is an oxidation process where free oxygen attach to the stains causing them to disappear. It does not affect or erode the enamel layer. It has no side effects.

Consult our professional dentists before undergoing teeth whitening because teeth discoloration causes varies from one person to the other. It is important that the dentist knows the patient’s history to be able determine the appropriate teeth whitening technique for the patient. This step will maximize the teeth whitening effects for the patient. At CMC we always aim for patient satisfaction.


Dental Implant is an ideal solution for missing teeth. Dental Implant supports restorations like single crown, multi-unit bridge and full arch dentures.

Benefits of Implants:

  • It looks as close as the real teeth
  • Keeps the other teeth in place
  • Keep the teeth in the mouth no need to remove when brushing
  • Patient can live a normal life after they lost their teeth


They are a set of artificial teeth used to replace all missing teeth (in case of full denture) and few missing teeth (in case of partial denture)
Timeframe: less than one day

Why go to CMC for denture treatment?

  • Dentures are made within few days
  • Use of Imported materials from Switzerland and America
  • Our technology is from Germany
  • Good denture fittings made by professional technicians