Department of Corporate Wellness

The CMC department of corporate wellness has exclusively creative programs designed to help nurture and improve the health and well-being of employees. The programs have the effect of reducing health risks in the workplace, improve employees’ quality of life and enhance productivity. Ultimately, these positive changes reduce costs and benefit the organization’s bottom line.

We are committed to helping organizations, big or small. Such an approach can help the working individual cope up with challenges and prevent the ravages of lifestyle related illnesses that result in lost man-hours. Corporate Wellness programs can be implemented in factories, corporate offices, large corporations, and small corporations alike.

Corporate Wellness is among the most important and essential investments that a company can make. Companies that implement Corporate Wellness programs aren’t just investing for employees, but also by creating a healthier work environment will result to long term benefits as preventive measures are in place.

ROI on Corporate Wellness

      • Improved productivity and morale across the board
      • Become the Employer of Choice
      • Reduced rates in illness and injuries
      • Reduce insurance claims cost expenses
      • Work environment becomes more inviting and relaxing
      • Work-life complications are reduced
      • Healthcare costs are reduced
      • Absenteeism and disability cases
      • Reduction of employee turnover
      • Reduced absenteeism and disability time
      • Improved employee relations

The Process at CMC

CMC Corporate Wellness team acts as the central coordinator for all aspects of each screening event. We come to your location to execute the screenings, we coordinate staffing and supplies.

Assessments are designed to educate employees on the numbers that dictate their state of health and wellbeing, make them aware of their body composition and the resulting effects of exercise and nutrition.

When we work with you to roll out a corporate wellness program, we:

      • Work closely with your HR team to identify your needs
      • Provide SMART actions plans for staff
      • Provide continual assessments, both online and face to face
      • Set your wellness goals
      • Provide online support via monitoring, motivation and follow-ups
      • Provide key solutions through our comprehensive network of partners
      • Become your wellness arm!

CMC Corporate Wellness

      • Body Composition Assessments for each member of your team
      • One hour presentation
      • Website support with various features to analyze, record and monitor your results and progress
      • Ongoing discounts and promotions from our sponsors and partners
      • Advice and guidance from the experts
      • Fitness Assessment
      • Endurance Test
      • In house education
      • The ability to add to and change the focus of an ongoing program
      • Life coaching
      • Personal training
      • Medical massage
      • Physiotherapy
      • Chiropractic care
      • Posture and ergonomic corrections

If you are the Employee Engagement Department of any company, call us to know more about our Corporate Wellness Program.