Cleft Lip and Palate Repair

Cleft Lip and Cleft Pallet clinically known as cheiloschisis and palatoschisis respectively, are oral malformations that occur in the early stages of pregnancy. The lip or the mouth was not fully developed in the mother’s womb. Skin tissues were not enough to fully develop the mouth and the lip.

Cleft lip has a split in the two sides of the upper lip while the cleft palette has a split in the roof of the mouth. The cause of this condition is still unknown. Medical studies show that it could both be genetics and environmental causes. It may also be caused by any medication the mother took while still pregnant  or the mother was exposed to chemicals or since the cause is unknown how to prevent this from happening is yet to be discovered.

Cleft lip and cleft palette surgery is more of a constructive surgery. Children with these conditions after post-surgery has experienced a more quality way of life. Comfort in breathing, eating and speaking will be achieved post-surgery. However, stiches on the surgical site may still appear on their face. In this case, if parents of the patients may opt for another surgery procedure in conjunction with this type of surgery such a,  Scar Revision Surgery  To improve the patient’s facial appearance.

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