Botox ™ or botilinium toxin is a drug injected to the patient to cosmetically reduce and even remove facial wrinkles on the patient.

Since it was approved for human use in 1989, millions of people have received Botox – or botulinum toxin as it’s properly known – in the form of injections.

These wrinklebusting jabs work by partially freezing certain facial muscles to smooth out lines. And it’s this unique ability to isolate and slacken certain muscles that makes is needed.

Botox so useful in treating a variety of medical conditions.

The fact that Botox is a temporary treatment – lasting four to six months – also means it’s a useful alternative to surgery as the effects are reversible if the wrong muscle is treated.

Here are some of the amazing ways Botox has been found to benefit our health…

migraine pains as well as excessive or chronic sweating, eye squinting, crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes, brow lifting, and neck lift. Forehead wrinkles, gummy smiles (gums becomes very visible when smiling), defines the jawline,  and “bunny” nose (slight wriggling of the nose).


Botox is used to treat excessive sweating which causes permanently clammy hands and underarm sweat that soaks through clothing.

HOW IT WORKS: Sweat is prevented from forming by freezing nerves that control the sweat glands. Jabs are given every few

Procedure Overview:

Duration: 15 minutes
Anesthesia: Topical
Confinement: Same day discharge
Recommended sessions: Once every 4 – 6 months

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