Dietics and Nutrition Specialist in UAE

Ahmed Habib


Ahmed Habib
Nutrition Specialist


Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science

Experience in:

5 years experience

– Assessment of health and diet needs of patients and clients.
– Patient consultation on nutritional issues and healthy eating habits.
– Development of meal plans, taking into account cost and customer preferences.
– Evaluate the effects of meal plans and change plans as needed.
– Supervising the preparation and delivery of meals.
– Helping customers make informed and practical choices about their food and health.
– Provide advice to health care professionals, nutrition staff and nurses.
– Evaluation and treatment of patients referred to the diet service.
– Ensure that each patient has a care plan tailored individually to meet their needs.
– Contact with nursing and catering staff to provide special diets.
– Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the nutritional status of patients.
– Writing reports and discharge summaries of patients to GPs.
– To guide patients and jobs clearly on what to eat and when.
– Participates in the formulation of policies of administrations, standards and procedures.
– Contact patients at the outpatient clinic to ensure compliance with the diet.
– Managing weight of overweight patients.
– Collect patient data, analyze and produce reports
– Studying the relationship between genes and nutrients.
– Study the nutrition and correlation between diet and disease the health.
– Provide health advice and promote healthy eating.
– Advice on special diets.
– Educate health professionals and the public about nutrition.
– Explain nutrition issues
– Assessment of health and diet needs of patients and clients
– Development of meal plans taking into account cost and customer preferences
– Evaluate the effects of meal plans and change plans as needed
– Promote better nutrition by giving group talks about diet, nutrition and relationship Between good eating habits and preventing or managing specific diseases.
– Keeping abreast with the latest research of food science